Thank You - Highest Rated Repair Shop Award - Wash D.C., MD, DE

Thank you, to all the loyal customers, our hard working staff of service writers, office personnel, ASE certified technicians / Mechanics for your dedication. Walt Eger’s Service Center received the Industry achievement award “2015 Highest Rated Repair Shop Award in the Harry T. Murphy Customer Service Contest” from CAR (Council of Automotive Repairs). We would not be able to provide high quality auto repair in Severn and Fort Meade without everyone working well together. Our customers are the reason we exist and we are glad for the decades of loyal Maryland drivers who have entrusted us with their vehicle repairs to us and our ASE certified mechanics. Being a locally owned and operated auto repair shop, we take great pride in everyone who worked so well together.

Automotive Technician of the Year 2015

Congratulations to Ray for his Award for Technician of the Year, 2015. From a field that spanned All of Maryland, Washington D.C., Delaware Ray was awarded for Excellent Service and Dedication in the Automotive Repair Industry.

Car Repair Severn MD - Fathers & Summer

Car repair in Severn MD, Father’s Day and Summer all come come together. Learning car repairs and maintenance from dad as a child has been common place in America. Dad’s often taught us how to drive cars and trucks, automatic and standard transmissions. Dads also taught us the freedom and responsibility of having a vehicle. How we need to check the oil and get the oil changed regularly to extend the life of our cars and spend our money wisely. Some Fathers also went even further and helped to mold some of us into automotive technicians or “Mechanics” right here in Severn Maryland. Thanks to dads everywhere for being great leaders, teachers and so much more. While at the same time fathers are giving, kind and strong in building great families.

Car repairs and service in Severn MD are great ideas before the summer travel gets here, vacation trips and time spent with family and loved ones. With sons and daughters home from College it is a good tome to have those college vehicles serviced as well so that they are safe when driving far away from home. Enjoy your Summer and if we can be of service for any of your car repairs, service or regular scheduled maintenance in Severn or Fort Meade Maryland give us a call or schedule your appointment online.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day. With thousands of reasons to say “Thank you” to mother’s everywhere this weekend. The second Sunday in May the U.S. recognizes mothers and their contribution to the country and helping to shape our country, culture and our automotive shop in Severn MD.

As a car repair shop in Severn Maryland we see a lot of great moms come in and help keep their family on the road safely and well prepared to tackle all the tasks that only a mom can accomplish in a single day. They are an inspiration to us as they show the love for their family in providing so much support for their children, husbands and extended friends and Severn community. Thank you to all the mother’s and their contribution to us all throughout our lives.

It is this kind of dedication and kindness that inspires us to be a better car repair business in the Severn Maryland area. As a locally owned and operated business we share the same drive to be a part of the Severn and Fort Meade Community.

Thanks Mom! – From all of us at Walt Eger’s Service Center, Severn Maryland

Easter Holiday - Travel Safely in Severn & Fort Meade

No one wants an emergency repair on their Easter Holiday travels. So we hope that everyone’s vehicle is running great and your travels are smooth. If you are going on a long trip, you can simply check your oil and tires.

Enjoy the time with friends and loved ones as you celebrate and take a rest from the busy days of the week. The Easter lilies, bunnies, egg hunts, egg rolls and smiling children’s faces along with great food should be a good time for all.

Drive carefully and with peace of mind that your car repairs in Severn, Fort Meade beyond are dependable.

FREE 28 point Winter Car Service Check in Severn, Maryland 21144

Our 28 point winter service check is performed at our Severn Maryland shop and is only minutes away from Odenton, Fort Meade, Gambrills, Crofton and Millersville.

Our Check includes:

  • Heating System
  • Transmission
  • Brakes
  • Battery
  • Power Steering
  • Defrosters
  • Tire Pressure and Condition
  • And More…
Thank You Veterans from your car repair shop in Severn & Fort Meade, Maryland

Thank you to all the veterans out there who have served the country. As many of us at Walt Eger’s have also served (in our younger years) we appreciate your service personally. Veterans Day actually started as “Armistice Day” on Nov. 11, 1919. Then in 1926 Congress made it an annual observance.

Finally in 1938 on Nov 11th is what we now know as our National Holiday – Veterans Day

Daylight Savings Time in Severn Maryland

Daylight Savings time in Severn Maryland this Fall means turning your clocks back even in your car. Many vehicles are so advanced today that their clocks are set for daylight savings time automatically. However, some vehicle’s clocks are still set manually. It can be a shock the next time you get in your car and see that you are an hour behind or ahead of what you expected!

So as you change your house clocks, check and test your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector take the time to check your car and set it correctly if needed. If you have never set it before or if you can’t remember how to change the settings consult your owner’s manual. Many manufacturers put their steps online in manuals or help files. This may be a good time to think about your regular maintenance schedule including that oil change you might have been putting off. With holidays and travel right around the corner come in early and be prepared so there’s last minute rush. Enjoy the fall colors and be safe. Come and see us in Severn Maryland.

Glasses and Hearing Aids Collection Center - Walt Eger's Service Center

Donate your Glasses and Hearing Aids here at Walt Eger’s Service Center in Severn Maryland. We have the Collection box here in the auto repair office where you can drop off your old glasses and hearing aids. We are glad to help out in any way we can with the Lions Club efforts to give back to the community with the donation / collection box. Next time you come in for any auto repair, brakes, Oil change, engine, transmission or regular maintenance remember to bring in your old eyeglasses and / or hearing aids to serve the community. Severn Maryland

Severn & Fort Meade MD Auto Repair Celebrates - A Happy Labor Day

With auto repair in Severn, Fort Meade, Odenton and surrounding areas of Maryland being a large part of the historical Labor force we take the time to celebrate Labor Day 2016. Labor day historically is rich in America and well celebrated.

Starting in 1885 the local municipalities started recognizing laborers and their contributions to the Nation’s well being and growth. Throughout the next decade the United States celebrations grew in size, type and official status. Several states added Labor Day celebrations in their own style and timing. All were focused on giving thanks for the hard working labor that has made stronger and grow faster than most every nation before it.

In 1894 Nationwide status of Celebrating Labor Day had become official. The first Monday of September has been set aside to not only celebrate the current hard working laborers of America but to also remember the past labor which has brought us to where we are today.

We wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day weekend with friends, family and loved ones. Be safe especially in your driving from your Severn, MD – Auto Repair Shop, Walt Eger’s.

We are an Environmentally Friendly Auto repair Shop

With Earth Day this year we would like to share a little about our responsibility to the Severn and Fort Meade communities through our recycling and environmentally friendly services. We are a Certified Emissions Repair Facility which means that we can service your car and bring it up to meet or exceed the standards that the state of Maryland requires to pass the Maryland emissions testing standards. Not only will we help your vehicle to reduce pollution and pass the test but we also help to clean and clear the air in Anne Arundel County. With the latest in computer analysis and diagnostics we can tune your vehicle to produce less carbon emissions and make for a greener healthier environment your our community

Recycling auto repair Parts and Fluids in Severn and Fort Meade

Recycling used motor oil may be the most popular fluid that comes to mind but we recycle all the vehicle’s fluids; Antifreeze, Brake fluid, Transmission fluid and Motor Oil are just a few on the list. The actual car parts that have failed need replaced are recycled to save our communities natural resources and energy. Even tires are not thrown in the trash bin but instead are sent to a tire recycler where they are shredded and used in various applications like child safety areas and playgrounds. Some tires are used right here in our Anne Arundel County.

We’re glad to be a responsible member of the Odenton, Fort Meade, Gambrills, Crofton and Severn Maryland and an important part of being a good neighbor is being responsible with our natural resources and finding new and inventive ways to deal with what used to be considered waste can now be recycled and reused.

Christine: I come to Walt because he’s honest. He’s fair. He spells it out for you like it is and he uses terms that you can understand. He’s loyal and dedicated to his work, to his company and to his clients. He realizes that they make his business and so he’s dedicated 110% to making sure his clients are completely satisfied.

Ron: If he calls me and he tells me I’ve run into something on one of my vehicles I just tell him to go ahead and fix it because I know if he’s telling me it’s a problem then it’s a problem. I never have any question in my mind of whether or not he’s trying to fix something to make a little extra money. If there’s a problem with a vehicle he’ll tell you your options. He’ll tell me if it’s something I can get by with for six months or if it’s something that’s a safety issue right now. And his word is good.

John: I trust his judgment. When he tells me that I need work done I go ahead and do it. I trust him. I trust his skilled mechanics. As far as I’m concerned he’s honest, reliable, dependable and he stands 100 percent behind his work. I’ve had a couple incidents where I came back, he took care of the problem and no questions asked.

Mabel: Integrity. They have a lot of integrity and that’s what I like about him. If he tells me something about my car I believe it. I don’t have to go take it to somebody else to get a second opinion about it.

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Our Hours

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

CALL US: 410-519-8445

1450 Grimm Road Severn, MD 21144