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Timing belt or chain replacement in Severn, 21144 can come with great quality. There are many signs that a timing belt needs changing / replacing. Our experienced technicians will not only consult the manufacturers recommendations, but will also bring the real world experience and computerized diagnosis equipment to combined for when to replace your timing belt or chain. You can check our 5/5 Star reviews and learn how your friends and neighbors have trusted Walt Eger’s with car repairs like timing belt replacement.

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Timing Belt Replacement Cost

There are many factors for the cost of replacing a timing chain or belt. Two of the major factors are the cost of the chain or belt and the labor time needed to replace it. Each make and model of vehicle varies in time needed to replace it. Some models the belt is easily accessible a have a low cost of only a couple hundred dollars. Other makes and models have tight spaces and many other components need removed before being able to change the belt or chain.

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In general, timing belts are easier to access, while typically, timing chains are harder. The good news is that timing chains rarely need replacing. Timing belts commonly do not last as long as timing chains and needs changing / replacing more frequently. There’s no need to worry about this relying on our trusted mechanics (ASE Certified Master Technicians) with decades of experience. We can save you money when we check for timing belt / Chains issues during a tune up. Our auto repair shop has you covered with replacing belts and chains since 1986.

While timing chains and belts costs can change with each manufacturer and the labor needed to change it will vary. Some manufacturers include water pumps as it is often recommended (but not required) to change the water pump while changing the timing belt. For example, “Dayco” can vary from $30 to $160 to $500. Gates and Duralast costs range from $20 to $90. ContiTech belts can cost around $100 to $600 for the entire kit. We strive to find the greatest value and savings for our customers.

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No matter the make or model of your car our car repair shop in Severn, 21144 brings great value to changing your timing belt or chain.

When to Replace Timing Belts / Chains

Our decades of experience in the automotive industry is put to work for you with every car repair in Severn, 21144, including timing chain or belt replacement. We know all the signs and tested industry standards to know when it is time to replace your timing belt or chain and when it can wait. Car manufacturers set the standard for the interval. Some car makes and models will recommend timing belt replacement every 60k – 90k miles. Other’s manuals state that a timing chain or belt can last for the life of the vehicle. Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chevy, Mazda, foreign and domestic, we have the industry connections to know the manufacturer’s recommendations for timing belt and chain replacement.

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Timing Chain or Belt in Severn 21144

Whether your vehicle has a timing belt or timing chain our technicians can change yours. We are one of the largest car repair facilities and in many cases have a quicker turn around than even the largest car dealerships. Our numerous bays and technicians combine to make changing a timing belt or chain a relatively quick and cost effective repair in Severn, 21144. Ask about our industry leading warranty of 36 months or 36,000 miles, that’s industry leading. Chances are the dealership will not match this warranty value.

We offer loaners and/or free shuttle service to our customers. So when it’s time for a timing chain or belt replacement you have convenience to keep your moving.

Award winning, ASE Certifications, 5 Star reviews, decades of experience for your timing belt or chain replacement in Severn 21144.

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