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Tires are an important part of your vehicle and safety as we all remember the saying “That’s where the rubber meets the road” We have been providing services like tire and wheel alignment, mounting and balancing since 1986 in Severn, Odenton, and Fort Meade Maryland so we know how to get you back on the road in good condition.

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Shopping for tires is simple at Walt Eger’s tire shop in Severn 21144. It would seem like a simple thing and it should be but there are standards and manufacturers requirements to keep us all safe. We are ASE certified and with decades of experience as a repair facility and that means that we know the right fit, size and pressures to fit your vehicle. Some shops which do not employ ASE certified Mechanics, train just enough to get the tires on the rim and out the door however this can lead to expensive failures of the rest of the automobile. For example the correct size is important to match. Incorrect size can lead to problems with the transfer case and even the transmission as the rest of the car has to work overtime to compensate for the difference. A shop that just wants to get you “in and out” may not take the time to make sure the fit is correct and lead to problems down the road.

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When it comes to service of auto repair we offer 36,000 miles / 36 months warranty on most services. Tires have their own rated mileage and wear. So we know that service has to be the best. We offer the latest in Computerized Accuracy mounting, balancing, rotation, valve stems and alignment. Since 1986 we have been dealing with the tire manufacturers and distributors to get the greatest values and pass those onto you. We know the relationship that we have our customers is important and we are happy to say we have loyal customers and that we have been a loyal auto repair shop. Tire services are no different, let out tire shop in Severn provide you the right tire, the right service and fit for your automobile today.

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Tire balancing in Severn Maryland is an important service that we provide. When out of balance premature wear occurs and just as important in extreme cases it makes a vehicle a strain to drive. Even the sound of wheel running out of balance can be annoying. We have the computerized training and equipment to get your balance correct the first time and with our number of bays we can get you in when a lot of auto repair shops cannot fit you in the schedule. Our ASE certified technicians / mechanics are trained on the latest tools to handle the high tech options of your tire needs as well, like run flat technology and TPMS Tire pressure Monitoring systems.

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Tires costs, prices, sales and brand selection are requests that we got often in our Severn tire shop. While all these options can and do change we pride ourselves on a good competitive price and service that goes light years ahead of the “tires only” shops. The full services that we provide in Severn 21144 and to many surrounding areas like Fort Meade, Odenton, Hanover, Millersville, S.P. and Gambrills compliment your needs. We carry most any brand on the market or something very comparable to whatever you prefer. Our ASE certified technicians / mechanics will be sure that the correct tire size and rating fits your vehicle to go along with the right price cost and sales of your tire for your car.

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“Did a great job mounting tires on one
of our company vehicles.
We will be using them for future services.”     Joseph