About Us

Walt Eger’s Service Center opened in 1986 and has grown into one of Maryland’s top independent auto repair facilities. The Spencer family bought Walt Eger’s in September 2016 and is proud to carry on his legacy. Being an 8,000 square foot auto repair shop with 15 service bays and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, our team gets you in and out quickly.

We live by the acronym TRICE in our daily work. Feel free to read, print or even ask us for a copy. ALL of our employees will embody these virtues every day on every vehicle.

TRICE is our PROMISE to you and to ourselves. Want to know more? Bruce is happy to share.


  1. With customers.
  2. Internally, from the front office to the shop and vice versa.


  1. Front office to shop and vice versa.
  2. For anyone that walks through our door.


  1. If you have bad intentions....................................................... you may not work here
  2. Half-truths? Cat and mouse games? "Oh, I thought............... you may not work here.
  3. Lie to me? Lie to a customer? Lie to a co-worker?................. you may not work here.
  4. No games. Upfront…bad news is accepted. You will not be crucified for doing the right thing. Things happen. We work through them together.


  1. With customers proactively, good news or bad.
  2. With co-workers proactively, good news or bad.
  3. With me, good news or bad.


  1. For customers’ situations – timing, budgets, etc…
  2. For each other…Front office to the shop and vice versa.
    1. Service Advisors work with customers to solve a vehicle’s issues for their circumstances. Techs may uncover many things that need to be fixed. Working with customers, it may take two or three visits to have the money to get their vehicle right. Techs need to understand this.
    2. Techs need information and parts quickly. Service writers need to have a real sense of urgency for the technicians and our customers.
    3. Bottom line – we all work together to provide a great customer experience.
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