Alternator Repair Severn 21144

Alternators (or Generators if you’re an old school Severn Maryland, Mechanic) are an important part of your cars electrical system. Their basic job is to generate electricity for recharging the battery and helping to power electrical components of the vehicle. They can vary widely in price (or cost if you prefer) because of the various manufacturers, makes and models. Most all are belt driven by the engine to create all that electrical power. Knowing how to test alternators, diagnose and some symptoms are important basics to our Severn customers.
Alternator Repair Severn 21144

What is the price of a new Alternator?

Over the years Costs of Alternators have changed and this is mostly due to the changes in our vehicle’s needs. It used to be 50 or 60 amps would take care of the needs of our cars and trucks but as the decades passed we have seen the newest gadgets, features and safety increase in the power drawn from the Alternator and that means that 100+ amps are needed to power the DVD players, charge larger batteries, better lights, power windows, doors and seats, not to mention heavier gauge wires to run all these.

Alternator Repair Replace Severn 21144

Alternator Repair and Replacement Severn 21144

If you throw in larger luxury features like heated seats, power ports and higher amp sound systems the needs are draining on the electrical system. Prices of Alternators range widely due to these needs, manufacturers, makes and models. Bargain prices on rebuilds can be as low as $40 but when it comes to your ability to start your car in some remote area saving a few dollars on a cheaper low quality alternator makes little sense. A good quality Alternator can cost $70 up into the $220+ range for luxury or heavy duty vehicles like SUVs, campers and work vehicles.

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How to Test an Alternator

Testing an alternator used to be a lot easier and safer, than today. With the number of computers and components on the latest vehicles testing and troubleshooting your alternator “by hand” can be dangerous and costly as shorting out your electrical system is a real possibility. We highly recommend that you bring your car or truck in to be tested. We test your vehicle with the latest computer equipment and software for foreign and domestic nearly every make and model. Alternator diagnosis and analysis of the past methods can now be misleading and lead to expensive costly in money and time.

Symptoms & Signs of Alternator Problems

Alternator signs and issues can be deceptive however here are a few things signs to get you started. Consider bringing your car into our Severn Maryland shop if any of these signs show up:

  • Dashboard Lights appears for a short time and then goes away
  • Headlights going dim
  • Gauges Flicker
  • Strange burning smell – Plastic odor
  • Puff of black smoke
  • Growling sound
  • Slow starting
  • Not starting

Severn Alternator Repair 21144

These may not directly mean that your Alternator is the issue but it certainly is a cause for service and getting an appointment as soon as possible is important as nobody wants to be stranded with a car that won’t start in a remote area or when they really need to be somewhere. Or worst of all when a loved one is away at school or causing an Emergency situation and higher repair costs. Keep it simple and be prepared, you’ll save money.
Alternator Replacement & Repairs in Severn Maryland

We are Experienced and proud to have been fixing Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs and heavy duty Vehicle’s Alternators since 1986 in the Severn Maryland area and serving customers from areas like; Fort Meade, Odenton, Gambrills, Crofton, Columbia and beyond. We are a Locally Owned and Operated auto repair facility, employing ASE certified technicians (Mechanics if you remember those days), earning the ASE Blue Seal of Automotive Excellence for many years consecutively.

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Computer Diagnosis and Analysis along with state of the art equipment means that our Alternator auto repairs are accurate and will get you back on the road with a reliable vehicle for you and your family for years to come. Our decades of experience have created processes to catch issues when they are small through routine maintenance saving you money and time.

Our courtesy shuttle for local customers will gladly pick you up for added convenience or if you choose to stay while your vehicle is being worked on our comfortable, air conditioned, TV customer service room is ready for you.

We offer a 36 months or 36,000 miles Warranty on most repairs and services. It is important to us to be the best auto repair in the area as we live in the area. We are family owned and operated, shopping, living being a member of the local Severn, Maryland community is important to us.

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