Tune Up Severn 21144

Tune up in Severn 21144 can help to extend the life of your vehicle. A quality tune up may improve gas mileage, tire wear and find issues at their early stages saving a lot of money. Severn mechanics for car repairs including a tune up is more than just spark plugs and fluids at our ASE, award winning shop with courtesy digital inspection, free loaner, shuttle and more automotive services.

Tune Up in Severn, 21144 Reviews

Tune Up in Severn – Signs

There are many signs which can indicate that your vehicle is ready for a tune up. However one of the most dependable is the factory scheduled maintenance schedule. This can vary with each make and model, as well as services recommended. Many refer to this as the 30,000 60,000 90,000 mile service, checkups or maintenance. No matter what phasing you like it’s important to keep your car in good condition to save money and keep a dependable car or truck in Severn, 21144.

Tune Up Severn 21144

If you hear a new noise, smell a new odor, see a leaking fluid, feel a hesitation, stall or loss of power a tune up may be all that is needed to keep you on the road and save money. Loss of power / acceleration is a good time to come in for a tune up at our shop in Severn.

If you watch your gas mileage closely you may also notice it is time for a tune up. Loss of fuel efficiency can be a sign that it’s time for spark plugs and a little tuning. Having a tough time starting your vehicle is another good indicator.  Course all this will depend on the make, model and year of your vehicle. No need to worry we have the decades of experience, ongoing training and invest in the latest in computerized technology to know all about your car’s tune up needs.

Tune Up Severn Mechanic

Tune Up in Severn, 21144 – What’s in a Tune Up

What happens in a tune up at our Severn service center depends on the make, model, year and condition of the vehicle. Some of the basics are the same for many cases. We’ll go over a few to help you understand and explain what to expect.

Best Tune Up Severn 21144

The combination of electrical, mechanical and chemical processes are all involved in a tune up. For example spark plugs & wires may need cleaned or replaced. Historic, classic or other older cars many have the distributor cap / rotor / carburetor. These may need serviced or even replaced.

Tune ups may need attention and replacement of the fuel filter, PCV valve, Oxygen sensor, Fluids, oil and filter change, washer fluid, air filters and lubrication. Some cases of the tune up may include a detailed inspection of belts, hoses, sensors, fuses and additional fluids.

Tune Up Severn Mechanic

Advantages of a Tune Up in Severn, 21144

There are many intangibles when it comes to a car repair shop. One of the most important is Trust

We know that our reputation is very important to you and it is also very important to us. Everyone of the staff knows clearly, that open and honest communication and service is paramount. You can expect many free services with our car repairs depending on the time and service needed. Perhaps you need a free shuttle ride, or a free loaner.

You can take a lot of time counting the Advantages of having a tune up at Walt Eger’s.

  • ASE certified techs means that training keeps us ahead of the Tune Up tech curve
  • Large multi-bay facility gets you in and out efficiently for your Tune Up
  • Automotive industry connections; quality parts and top mechanics
  • Free Loaners / Free Shuttle
  • Full Service Facility – Great diagnostics – Great Tune Up
  • 5/5 Star reviews  – Great Reputation – Great Tune Up
  • Courtesy Digital Inspection (see YOUR vehicle’s Images)
  • Award winning Shop
  • Personal, Professional, Polite

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Tune Up Reviews in Severn 21144

The work is done well and they back it up with a 36k or 3 year guarantee. Plus, with their Loaner cars & free customer shuttle available while they work on your car, it shows they understand the impact of having a missing car has on their customers which is a huge plus for me! I’m very happy I found a trustworthy place to take my vehicles that stands behind their work & genuinely cares about their customer’s satisfaction.

Greg C.

Service Areas included for Tune Up in Severn, Odenton, Millersville, Severna Park, Gambrills, Hanover and Fort Meade.