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Wheel alignment in Severn we employ ASE certified technicians. Our car repair shop is constantly training to stay ahead of industry technology with cutting edge computerized equipment. These levels of training and service are important to us but just as important is that we do a good job every time as we are a locally owned and operated Auto Repair shop living and serving our community. With experience in serving the area since 1986 we care about every one of our customers. Wheel alignments at Walt Eger’s are precise and accurate, giving you great service and results.

Car Alignment Severn

Vehicle Alignment is an important part of keeping your vehicle in good shape and can save you time, money and frustration. As drivers we often notice that the vehicle is out of alignment when we notice the steering wheel pulling to one side or the other. However it can be out of alignment and still be steering “straight” this happens when both wheels are misaligned in or out. These conditions are most often found by drivers when tire wear is uneven.

Car Alignment Severn 21144

Tire Alignment Severn 21144

Tire wear and safety may be uneven tire wear results in premature failure of tires and means that the cost for replacing tires more often than normal. The uneven wear can also result in poor performance of the tires. With tread loss the effectiveness of the tire to grip the road is greatly impaired resulting in even possible dangerous conditions like the distance it takes to brake and stop the vehicle. Weather conditions like rain and snow add to this safety concern when alignment and tires are not performing at their best. With the cost of replacing tires it only makes sense to keep your car aligned.

Wheel Alignment Severn 21144

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The pulling of the steering wheel causing the driver to compensate even on a straight road is tiresome physically and mentally as well. Peace of mind and a pleasant driving experience is another reason to have your vehicle in good shape. Most often an impact with something in or on the road will knock the car out of true. Potholes are a large contributing factor and often this occurs when one single tire goes into a large pothole. This single point of impact puts a large force onto one single point of the car. Accidents with another vehicle or roadside debris will also contribute to a vehicle’s misalignment.

Wheel Alignment Severn

Wheel Alignment Severn

What to do next ?
Misalignment is common and should be corrected as soon as possible and often detected during our routine maintenance or test driving when a driver describes any of the conditions. Make your appointment today to bring your car back into Alignment. 410 519 8445.  Save time and money with a tune up combined with your alignment.

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