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Headlights, your Horn and general Lights are an important part of your vehicle and they help you and your family stay safe as well as convenience. We all know that every light should be working properly all the time however wear, accidents, corrosion, animals and weather all take a toll on the functionality.

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We often notice when a major light stops functioning, like a headlight. However the other lights such as brake lights, directional lights (or blinkers) hazard lights, interior lights, license plate lights and fog lights all should be kept in working order to maximize safety and keep from getting pulled over by an officer and ordered to make the repair. As an ASE certified technicians and the Experienced Auto Repair Facility using the latest computerized diagnosis and analysis tools we can get you back into working order and on the road. Our Severn Location is well staffed and with numerous bays we can get you in and your vehicle fixed faster than most other shops.

Car Headlight Bulb Replace Repair, Lights, Horn Severn 21144

Lights should be inspected for cracks in lenses, clear – cloudless means more light onto the road to help you see road hazards and wildlife. Clear lenses also means that other vehicles (and wildlife) can see you earlier and add to safety.

Headlight Bulb Replace Severn 21144

Headlights / lamps come in wide variety, most are composite or sealed beam, but don’t worry we have been in business, locally owned and operated, since 1986 and seen it all before. With the most up to date computer analysis and diagnosis we provide expert parts replacement for your vehicle. The trend towards replacement bulbs in newer vehicles means that replacement is simpler and more economical. The full lens does not need replaced in most cases.


Light Inspections Severn 21144

With so many varieties on the road today instructions for each will be found in the owner’s manual but these basics should help you get started. Replacing bulbs, fuses and lenses can be tricky due to smaller spaces and tight access points. All checks of lights should be done with safety in mind, in a safe location and in safe conditions. If any doubt bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance and request that the lights be inspected and let us know of any issues that you are aware of and would like special attention.

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Check Headlights Repair Replace Lens Restoration

Headlights have low and high beam functionality and should be checked individually, Lenses if cloudy can often be Restored instead of replaced. This is a tremendous savings in comparison to replacement. We offer headlamp restoration here in Severn MD. Some headlights are equipped with sensors to dim lights when oncoming traffic is approaching.

Headlight Lens Restoration Severn 21144

Check Running Lights

In the evening with the headlights off (if possible) it is easy to see the running lights and as these are symmetrical on most all vehicles it is easy to see that a light is failed with a broken bulb or blown fuse.

Checking Blinkers or Directional lights

This is easiest with 2 people and low light conditions. With one person turning directional lights on and off while the other watches and communicates the functionality or lack thereof of each directional signal both front and rear. If 2 people are not available having the vehicle near a reflective surface such as a wall or even a large window can allow the driver to see the function of the lights


Tail lights, Reverse, Brake lights and Third light check

Again low light conditions are easiest to inspect failures as well as familiarity with the vehicle. As in the case of knowing that you have a Third or central brake light. Check the owner’s manual as it will answer many questions or give insight.

Having the car in a safe location and position then depressing the brake pedal, turn signal arm or switch, finally reverse lights should be checked when the vehicle is in a safe condition and position.

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Hazards, Flashers, Emergency Lights

These are all common terms for the same light. Although they rarely burn out due to little use they are still VERY important for safety of your vehicle and other vehicles around you. Again low light conditions are optimal. These should also be checked for brightness in normal lighted conditions as well since these should be visible in broad daylight as well.


Horn Repair & Functionality

This is simple (and even fun) to check. While not complicated it is important to check the horn so that when needed it functions properly. Checking the owner’s manual for any special details, levels, setting or functionality. Horns can be helpful in situations from simple politeness to emergency and should be fully functional at all times.


Common Issues Headlight & Lens Restoration

Over years of use, accidents, corrosion, impact, sun salt and general weather exposure and more cause lights, horns and lenses to fail. Common occurrences are blown Fuses, Cracked, Broken, Impacted bulbs, Short circuits, Frayed wires, bad Grounding. All these can and should be repaired to keep your family and others as safe as possible. Give us a call if we may be of any service or to schedule an appointment today 410 519 8445

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Walt Eger’s Service Center quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. Now our Jeep runs smoothly.

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