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We are Trained & Approved for car battery sales, replacement and Installation at our auto repair shop in Severn MD. This may seem like a simple task that any service center or even quick stop automotive parts center can perform but with today’s complex and computerized vehicles you will get real service from an experience auto repair shop.

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Car batteries in Severn, 21144 have come a long way from their simple beginnings of starting a vehicle. With today’s complex, computerized and accessories in most cars batteries and their needs have become more complex. Installation used to be a matter of removing the cables and the mount of the old one and inserting a new one. Today, vehicle owners need to be concerned with damaging any number of highly computerized components. Getting the right size, amperage and voltage is IMPORTANT. Getting these wrong can mean damage to the battery, the car, or in extreme cases personal injury.

Car Battery Severn 21144 Replace Install Test Sales

Car Battery Testing Install Sales Severn 21144

Most automotive batteries contain sulfuric acid which means caution and careful handling. Any cracking or leaking of the body should be taken very seriously and is a reason for immediate replacement. This acid reaction and electronic charge means that you should NEVER have a lit cigarette nor any “sparking” ignition point around a car battery.

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During our battery services we typically clean the terminal from the corrosion deposits. This is typically done with a brush, ensuring that the electrical connection is a good one. Inspect the cable connectors. This is done to ensure that the cables nor mechanical connectors have not worn and allow exposure of electrical current possible creating a short. The connectors themselves can wear and loosen causing the current to be interrupted and even stop the car from running or causing electrical components to fail. We check the date to ensure that the lifetime is current and when to schedule the replacement before being stuck in a remote location. Inspect that the battery is dry and clean.

Inspecting a battery used to be relatively simple and safe with basic rules like removing the negative cable first and in reverse order when installing a new. Also it was (and still is) important to be sure that the cables nor the terminals touch conductive materials during any part of the inspection, removal and installation. With new vehicles and standards it is important to go beyond this and have the proper training along with knowing the vehicle’s manual and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Car Battery Sale Install Test Severn 21144

Charging a Car Battery

Charging a car battery in Severn MD is also a service that we offer. Much like the changes to inspecting, installing and replacing there are changes to the proper steps to charging. We have the latest computerized inspection and diagnosis equipment to service your vehicle, even hybrids! If you have any questions about charging your battery you should consult your vehicle owner’s manual for specific guidance or bring your car in for ASE Certified services.

The battery TYPE matters when changing a battery. Employing ASE certified Mechanics and the experienced auto repair shop in Severn, Maryland with the latest computerized equipment we can provide the most complex services, like AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) type charging. AGM type are charged at a different voltage (14.4 in most cases) where a standard is charged at 15.5 volts in most cases.

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Knowing this and having the correct equipment used by trained ASE certified technicians can be the difference between a simple charge and creating serious damage to the battery which often results in needing costly replacement.

Be sure to choose a knowledgeable auto repair service center when looking for your vehicle repair or regularly scheduled maintenance in Severn Maryland.

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Car Battery’s Lifespan – How long will it last?  Do I need a New Car Battery?

Generally speaking expect 4 to 4.5 years in the Severn Maryland Area. A car’s battery actual life depends on several factors but as a general rule the date marked on the battery itself should be a good general guide. The lifespan can change dramatically with abuse or heavy use. When completely drained due to a short or when accidentally leaving an electrical component on without the vehicle running or other drain the lifespan can be effected. Cold weather can also put strain and shorten the lifespan. Extreme heat can also shorten the lifespan. The physical properties are effected by extreme temperatures as well as putting strain on the needs due to running more components like air conditioning, heaters, fans and more.

Car Battery Sale – Prices in Severn 21144

Car battery prices can vary greatly with the needs of the vehicle. Like all items the most common ones have a good price while specialty batteries can cost much more than average. When vehicles are modified to handle aftermarket features like audio, video, trailers or additional lighting the electrical system may need to be upgraded thus increasing the needs, size and price of a battery. Prices are competitive and are available in detail if you would like to call in and get an exact price for your make and model along with installation, inspection charging or other service please do not hesitate to call and we will be glad to help in any way we can.
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Car Battery Install in Severn 21144

Car Battery Install Severn 21144

Being a Locally Owned and Operated auto repair shop in Severn, MD we are proud to offer battery services like sales, inspection and installation. If we can be of any service please call and request an appointment or stop in to see us. Since 1986 we have been providing auto repair services to the Maryland area. We are glad to be locally owned and Operated. Our reputation means a lot to us and doing the work needed in a honest and straightforward process is what has set us apart as a family and friendly part of the Severn, Odenton, Gambrills, Hanover, Millersville and Fort Meade community. We have been creating relationships with local businesses, government and residents for decades and we look forward to many more decades. From our family to yours.

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This shop consistently provides top-notch service and has excellent customer relations. Does requested work on time and does not try to get customers to get unneeded services to inflate bill. Honesty is a high value characteristic and the folks at Walt Eger’s exhibit that every time we have dealt with them. We highly recommend them.

Tom S.

Reply: Tom – Thank you for such a nice review. We appreciate your loyalty and love having you as a customer. Take care for now.