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Our experience with car starter replacement, repair, fix in Severn 21144 goes back to 1986. Car starters have the important job of getting the engine started. Without a properly functioning starter you can be stuck on the side of the road, out running errands or have children stuck at school.  We can solve your car starter issues at our award winning auto repair shop in Severn 21144 with 5/5 star reviews.

Car Starter Severn 21144 Reviews

A car starter motor is responsible for supplying the physical force needed to help start a car’s engine. By engaging and turning the car or truck’s engine flywheel, a starter motor provides a vital automotive service. This function becomes quite obvious when a starter motor fails and needs repaired, replaced or fixed.

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Car Starter Mechanic Severn 21144

A failed starter motor will often times show its weakness when a car fails to crank over (motor fails to turn). The car battery provides the electrical juice that a car starter motor the mechanical power to turn, or start, the motor. If the car starter motor is too weak, it will not be able to use the electrical power from the car battery, resulting in a no-start situation.

Car Starter Making Noise – Severn

Often a bad starter motor will make one of several noises (clanking / clicking / grinding) when your key is turned and the starter gear is trying to engage. These sounds of a starter’s noise is commonly a sign that your starter motor is wearing and about to leave you stranded. Any of these conditions when your starting your car it’s time to give us a call and get scheduled for an appointment to have your car starter tested and repaired, replaced, fixed in Severn 21144.

Starter Repair Severn 21144

Auto Starter Solenoid Issues Severn 21144

A car starter’s solenoid, is a small but important part.  Attached, usually to the top of a starter motor housing, the solenoid is responsible for engaging and disengaging the starter gear with the vehicle’s motor. Often the starter solenoid will age and begin to fail, leaving the actual starter motor unable to start the vehicle reliably.

Car Starter Burnt Odor / Seeing Smoke

When seeing smoke or smelling “burning” coming from a starter motor is sure sign of an electrical issue. The electrical wires and connections within the starter motor depend on the proper amount of electricity. The electrical power is delivered to the starter electrical motor through a series of electrical wires that work with the starter’s solenoid. If there is an issue with these wires, it can cause a short. This condition can be one of the many starter issues with creates a smell or smoke you can see or sense.

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Allow our decades of experience and ASE certifications to bring you excellent auto repairs for your car starter in Severn. We offer loaner vehicles, free shuttle, convenient location, 5/5 star reviews and walls covered with Awards. You don’t have to take our word for great quality and service we stand behind our car repairs with our industry leading warranty of 36 months / 36,000 miles. Schedule your appointment today.

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Car Starter Repair Severn 21144 Reviews

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