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In Severn 21144, repair and replacement of your shocks, struts or both can help you enjoy your drive. Our decades of experience with your suspension system can help you save you money, great quality of repairs and convenience. Personal and professional services like loaners and free shuttle rides can help when it is time to replace your shocks or struts. Our 5/5 star reviews include many customers who have had their shocks / struts replaced in Severn, 21144.

Shocks Struts Mechanic Reviews Severn 21144

Shocks / Struts Replacement Severn 21144

Having your shocks or struts replaced in Severn means a smoother ride. Your car might have shocks, struts or both, depending on your make and model. Your shocks are designed to take the “bumps and bounce” out of the road. We all want our vehicles to last “forever” without any need for service or replacement. However, we also know that some parts wear and needs replaced over time. Shocks are definitely in this category. Shocks aka “Shock Absorbers”  are made with heavy, strong steel springs to help absorb the energy of our heavy vehicles, impacting the road’s bumps and lumps. This can happen at low speed, like at a speed bump. This shock absorber can also occur at highway speeds like a pothole or object in the road. Shocks and struts also help our car handling and feel when we drive around a corner.

Shocks Struts Severn 21144

Is it Time to Replace My Shocks/Struts?

If you are feeling a difference in the way your car is turning or bouncing it might be time for new Shocks or Struts. If you car looks lower than normal, or if it looks lower at one tire it may be time to replace. On some models you may notice failure by “wet or oily” liquid is dripping off the shock/strut area.

Shocks Replacement Severn 21144

How Long with Shocks / Struts Last?

Shocks and struts can last for the life of the vehicle, largely this depends on driving habits and conditions. A vehicle which is driven moderately and at lower speeds, shocks/struts will last much longer. A vehicle which frequently goes over speed bumps or potholes will need shocks/strut replacement sooner. Carrying heavy loads in a vehicle will also impact the lifespan of your suspension system. Trucks which carry heavy loads or cars which are loaded down regularly can “blow out” the shocks, struts, suspension system. With properly performing shocks you can save money on tires in Severn 21144.

Replace Shocks / Struts in Severn 21144

Severn Shocks / Struts Suspension

No matter your driving habits or conditions our ASE certified technicians can service your Shocks, Struts and suspension system in Severn 21144. Our auto repair shop has a large number of bays to get your shocks/struts repair or replaced in short time. Our convenient professional staff will provide the award winning service with high quality and trusted results. Learn about our automotive industry leading 36 months / 36,000 miles Warranty.

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