Water Pump Repair Severn 21144

The water pump on your is responsible for moving coolant throughout the car to transfer heat.  Our Severn mechanics “aka ASE Certified Master Technicians” can help to repair / replace your water pump and keep your engine, A/C, radiator and heater running in the proper temperature range. When your water pump is not working up to spec you risk damaging all these components and more. When you see a car on the side of the road with an emergency breakdown and “Steam” coming out from under the hood it may be the water pump has failed. Not to worry our experience with water pumps date back to 1986. Allow our industry connections and large facility to get you back on the road quickly with quality water pump replacement in Severn 21144.

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Fix Water Pump Leaking Severn 21144

If you notice liquid leaking, specifically coolant (aka anti-freeze) near the hose of the radiator, clamps, or the water pump itself, it’s time to check the water pump. Failure of the water pump can cause the force to increase or decrease and that pressure can cause hoses, clamps and surrounding engine components to leak. We can fix your water pump issues in Severn 21144 and get you back on the road.

Fix Car Water Pump Severn 21144

Frequent Overheating – Water Pump Replacement

If your vehicle’s temperature gauge is running hot then your water pump may need replaced. While there are many other parts which may be the root cause your water pump should be checked as well. Overheating can happen when the water pump fails to do its job efficiently. Water pump replacement in Severn is made easier with our 36/36 warranty, large number of service bays, free loaners and free shuttle. Trusted mechanics with decades of experience can use the latest computerized diagnosis equipment to find the true, root cause of the overheating and complete the repairs.

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Leaking Coolant – Water Pump Fix Severn 21144

Seeing coolant pooling where you park can be an early sign of a need for a water pump fix in Severn. This may be as simple as a loose clamp or bad radiator hose however it may be the water pump. We all wish our cars would run “forever” without any need for service, this sign if caught early is a real money saver. Perhaps the cheapest and most cost effective way is to find the need for a water pump fix is before any damage is done. We pride ourselves on great quality and service. Water pump replacement / fix faster than the dealership, higher quality and usually lower prices. All this with an industry leading car repair warranty or 36 months / 36,000 miles.

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Air Conditioning – Water Pump Repair Severn 21144

What may seem strange to many is the fact that your car’s air conditioning depends on your water pump. If your A/C isn’t keeping you cool there are many reasons, one of which is the water pump itself. Allow our award winning car repair shop in Severn, 21144 to diagnose and repair / replace / fix your car’s water pump today. With an incredible staff and experience dating back to 1986 we can fix your water pump in short order.

Water Pump Repair Mechanic Severn 21144

Unusual Noises – Water Pump Needs Replaced

Hearing new / unusual noises can also be a sign of your water pump needing replaced. Sure, your car’s new noises can be many things, one of those coming from the vents into the passenger area of your vehicle may be your water pump. When the belt driving the water pump is still trying to spin the water pump after it has failed a tremendous noise can be generated. This is often heard inside the vehicle as well as outside.

Dashboard Warning / Emergency Lights – Water Pump Repair Severn 21144

If your dash lights or temp gauge comes on it is possible that your water pump needs repaired. Depending on your vehicle, make/model and year this warning / emergency lights, gauges or other indicator may be telling you it’s time for water pump service. There’s no need to guess or worry bring your car into our shop and we can diagnosis and repair the root cause. If it’s the water pump we have the industry connections, well tuned staff of mechanics, free shuttle, free loaners, 5/5 star reviews and experience dating back to 1986 to help get you back on the road.

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