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Windshield wiper repair and wiper blade replacement in Severn, 21144 can help you to see the road more clearly. Our ASE certified master technicians bring experience and install quality wiper arms, motors, wiper blades and wiper fluid. When the heavy rain of spring and summer cover the Severn roads you want your windshield wipers to perform to keep your family safe. When the snow, sleet and ice of winter hits the Severn 21144 area you want the quality to keep your windshield as clear and clean as possible. Our car repair shop can help with all your automotive needs, check our 5/5 star reviews and learn about our 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty.

Wiper Blades Replace Repair Severn 21144

Replace Wiper Blades in Severn 21144

Replacing windshield blades can seem simple, however on some makes and models wiper blades can be a little tricky for the novice. We have the manufacturer specifications for all off your car repairs, including something as simple, but important, as windshield wiper blades. what seems like a simple repair or replacement which you might be tempted to “put off” is really important. A muddy splash or a snow filled windshield can mean the difference between an accident or avoiding one. If you need help with replacing wiper blades stop by, call or make your appointment online for trusted car repairs with quality parts and service in Severn, 21144.

Replace Wiper Blades Severn 21144

Repair Wipers, Arms, Motors in Severn 21144

When replacing your wiper blades doesn’t solve the problem of clearing your windshield we can help. Providing trusted solutions for car repairs in Severn has been our aim since 1986. Windshield wiper arms, motors, blades and fluid can all contribute to a clear and clean windshield. Wiper arm replacement can be needed when the existing one becomes damaged. Ice in the winter can “weld” that wiper arm to the windshield, and turning them on, is a common way to damage wiper parts.

Windshield Wiper Arms Repaired Replaced Severn 21144

Repair or Replace Wiper Motors

Wiper motors well engineered and produced for the most part. Car manufacturers know the importance of quality motors which must withstand the elements, weather and temperature. However, over time conditions can damage the motors and repair or replacement may be needed. Quality parts and experienced / trained technicians can keep your wipers running smoothly.

Windshield Wiper Fluid Severn 21144

Windshield wiper fluid is an important component of keeping your shield clear in the winter and summer. Knowing the “strength” or concentration of wiper fluid is important in Severn, 21144 and all of our service areas like, Gambrills, Odenton, Ft. Meade, Millersville and Severna Park. The warm temps of spring and fall, and the hot days of summer may tempt you to simply use water in your wiper fluid reservoir. However when the temps of late fall and summer come a long you may have saved a few dollars on wiper fluid but lost a lot more on the damage to the wiper line, motors and reservoir as well. Frozen water in lines and containers can crack these parts and leave you in a bad situation with a windshield so coated, blurry and smeared that it is dangerous to drive.

Windshield Wiper Fluid Severn 21144

Our trusted mechanics in Severn can help with all your car repairs, including windshield wiper blades, arms, motors, lines, reservoir and more. Give us a call, schedule online or come in and see us. See why so many of your friends and family have chosen to trust Walt Eger’s car repairs in Severn, 21144.

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They’re honest. They tell you the problems, how much they’ll cost to fix, with no additional non-sense. (That’s a good thing.) The front desk employees are friendly and efficient.

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