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Shock Absorbers: Why They Matter and When to Replace Them

Today, we want to talk about shock absorbers – those essential components of your vehicle's suspension system. Many of us don't give them much thought until we hit a bump in the road and feel every jolt and judder, but shock absorbers are critical to keeping your vehicle stable, comfortable, and safe. In this blog, we'll explain why they matter and when to replace them.
First things first – what are shock absorbers? They're part of your car's suspension system, along with springs and struts. Their job is to absorb the energy created by your car's movement and prevent it from transmitting to the body of the car. When you hit a bump, the wheel moves up and down quickly. Without shock absorbers, this movement would transfer to the car's frame, causing it to bounce and sway uncontrollably.
So, why do shock absorbers matter? Besides providing a smoother ride, they keep your tires in contact with the road surface, improving traction and preventing skids and slides. They also help your car handle better, reducing the risk of roll-overs and spin-outs. In addition, they prolong the life of other suspension components, such as tires, struts, and ball joints, by reducing the stress and wear caused by excessive bouncing.
Now, let's talk about when to replace your shock absorbers. There's no set lifespan for shock absorbers, as their durability depends on various factors, including driving style, road conditions, and vehicle usage. However, a general rule of thumb is to have them inspected every 50,000 miles or so, and replaced around 75,000-100,000 miles, depending on their condition.
Here are some signs that your shock absorbers may need replacement:
- Your car bounces excessively after hitting a bump.
- Your car sways or leans in turns.
- Your car has a rough or noisy ride.
- Your car takes longer to stop than usual.
- Your tires show uneven wear patterns.
If you experience any of these symptoms, bring your car to Walt Eger's Service Center for a thorough inspection. Our expert technicians will check your shock absorbers and other suspension components, and recommend the best course of action based on your car's needs and your budget.
Shock absorbers are crucial to your car's stability, comfort, and safety. With proper maintenance and prompt replacement when necessary, they can ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride for miles to come. Trust Walt Eger's Service Center to keep your car in top shape – we're here to help you drive with confidence!